software for network graph analytics
Connect the dots.
Reveal hidden insights.


Reveal hidden insights from your data by connecting the dots.

The world we know and live in is deeply connected, though these connections are not always obvious. Capturing data as a graph enables the context and rich, relationship-driven structure of multiple data sources to be modelled to reveal the full picture.



Reveal hidden insights from your data with machine learning on graphs.


Open source Python library for machine learning on graphs


Distributed platform for graph machine learning on production scale data


Explore huge networks, extract insights and share them to enable data driven insight



Where art and science meet

We believe graph machine learning is at the intersection of art and science. We use cutting-edge engineering and data science to help reveal insight from data, and find innovative ways to enable our users to get the most from the experience.


The StellarGraph team consists of engineers, data scientists, researchers, devops, product managers, and UX designers all driven to build amazing technology.

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StellarGraph is part of CSIRO's Data61,
Australia's national science agency.

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