Graph Machine Learning on enterprise scale data

StellarGraph Platform is a commercial grade platform that enables you to scale your graph machine learning experiments to production

A distributed platform that allows us to ingest data, create graphs and apply performant machine learning at scale in the billions of data points.

Leverage machine learning where it counts - on production scale data to get greater value insight from your data assets.

  • Scalable architecture for graph machine learning

  • Based on Apache Hadoop and Spark

  • Scales to billions of edges

  • Cloud-hosted via Kubernetes 

  • Ready to deploy on existing Spark clusters

  • ​Scala library providing:
    • Entity Resolution

    • Deep learning for node attribute inference and link prediction

    • Homogenous and heterogeneous graph support

    • Unique graph storage layer supported by HDFS and Elasticsearch

    • ETL via Spark connectors


Scales to billions of edges, apply graph machine learning to big data


SaaS or on-prem install depending on your data security requirements


Extended access to StellarGraph Library algorithms with additional tooling and monitoring capabilties