Explore and reveal hidden insights from your connected data

A cloud application for exploring huge networks, extracting insights and sharing knowledge to enable data driven decisions

StellarGraph Visualisation is designed to help analysts understand massive network datasets in a visual way. Our software is built to empower users to understand their data, extract valuable insights and share discoveries with others.


All networks tell a powerful visual story and StellarGraph can help you reach it with the next generation of graph visualisation tools.

  • Visualise huge networks rapidly

  • Drill down to reveal critical information

  • Answer investigative questions with graph queries

  • Document your findings with saved visualisations

  • Full data and analytics provenance

  • Export data to common formats for advanced data science.


Visualise huge networks rapidly


Customise layouts, designs, and flip between building up or filtering out to get the best from your data


Be able to distinguish data and analytics provenance to build trust in the outcomes